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Frequently Asked Questions

About Vocational Rehabilitation Consultation

What is Vocational Rehabilitation Consultation?

Vocational rehabilitation consultation involves assessing if and how an injured party can return to work after an injury when his or her ability to perform the job held at the time of injury is in doubt. This is done through interview with the injured party, vocational testing, labor market analysis, and vocational counseling.

In what setting is Vocational Rehabilitation used mostly?

Vocational rehabilitation can be used in any setting where a person has been injured and the question of his or her ability to return to work after their recovery has been raised. However, most often for Centennial Rehabilitation vocational rehabilitation consultation comes into play with on-the-job injuries covered under Workers’ Compensation insurance or in Long Term disability situations. In those situations the vocational rehabilitation counselor may also be answering the question of what impact the injury has had on an injured person’s life-long vocational options, from an occupational and wage perspective. Much of what a vocational counselor does is used in legal or benefit settings to help an insurance carrier and the injured worker settle a civil or workers’ compensation case.

Does Vocational Rehabilitation equate with re-training?

Not necessarily. A vocational counselor and an injured worker may collaborate on a training plan for a new occupation that would be more suitable to an injured worker’s physical abilities after an injury than what he or she did on the job before the injury. However, first a counselor will focus on what skills a person has that are transferrable to a new occupation.

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